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It’s a beautiful day in THE neighborhood

The answer is THE not THIS. The announcer had the last answer WRONG!

Extra life

It’s nice that they offer an extra life if you play 5 days in a row, but what they don’t mention is that your count will automatically restart sometimes without missing a day. Plus, once you get that extra life, it will disappear without ever using it.


I can’t believe you actually get money for free! Definitely worth downloading the app.


Very good app but never get notifications

Fun time

This game is really fun but frustrating but it is also very fun when you need to pass time.


I’m a kid and the question are to hard please make them easier

Great casual trivia fun!

The hosts are great! Make sure you’re on a solid WiFi connection to enjoy the whole event. Great mix of tough trivia as well. The regular shows each day are great for a work break. Check it out!


Seems like a ton of glitches lately with technical difficulties to where the game is delayed a whole hour. Other than that 5stars

Fun game HQ

HQ is a fast, fun game. The best part about it is that it is live. The music and graphics pull you in. Seeing others send messages and emoticons before and during the game is also fun. The hosts are very entertaining.

Too Big to Manage?

I know this game is free and I do have fun playing.....when it works. Maybe it’s because they are too popular and and can’t handle the traffic but it’s been EXTREMELY GLITCHY whenever I try to get on. Today was the worst and I couldn’t submit answers because the transmission kept stuttering. When it moved again it was too late and I was eliminated. Based on the games chatter a lot of other people are having the same problem. Please fix!

This game is tight

I got $2.17 and I’m eatin GOOD TONIGHT BABAY

Bad language

I think Scott needs to watch his bad language and clean up his talk, I found it to be very disturbing

Free great game! Real money pays out pay pal

Love it! Just won for the first time. Pay out via pay pal.

Technical problems

Lots of technical problems The extra lives get applied even when you say NO lost 3 so far Questions show up with 1/2 the time gone Video freezes all the time I have plenty of signal and bandwidth The last week has been worsening than ever

Continues being a buggy, hot mess

No amount of bug fixes seems to improve the stability of this thing. It’s kind of embarrassing for the developers. Also the hosts are intolerable.

Wish I could say I was addicted...

...if only I could get it to accept my answer without glitching out, with at least 5 seconds left on the clock. It’s like you read the question, hurry up to figure out the answer go to hit it and it’s like sorry about your luck loser! 😤😒😫


This is an awesome game! But sometimes it’s not as awesome when y’all cheat. Like when I had an extra life but y’all didn’t ask me if I wanted to use it or not.

Review of HQ

Scott is a jackass who is so annoying it's hard to enjoy the quiz. The so-called constant technical difficulties are just a way of saying there are too few people playing. Get rid of Scott. More people will play.

Some trouble

The trivia is frequently of an obscure nature and there are far-too-many “technical difficulties” for my liking. I am writing this during on of these moments.


It seems like it has technical difficulties to often. When I stop everything to play that’s very annoying.

Technical difficulties

Enough said.

Has potential

This game is not a bad idea BUT it has too many technical difficulties!!! I was eliminated 3x due to the glitches and my lives weren’t even replaced oh and I referred 2 people and did not receive my extra lives! I guess it’s too many people online at one time that’s why it’s glitching but It need to be fixed


I have never played a game from beginning to end without it glitching. Wish they would figure this out!

Well... 🤩

This game is super fun and it allows you to win money if you answer correctly, Sometimes i want to get right to the show but The host talks toooooooooo much!

Kinda good

Amazing but they have a lot of problems


Love love love!!!! It’s exciting and legit!

Hq trivia

It’s okay, they just talk way to much and the system always crashes! It’s fun until they talk that’s pretty much the only reason why people delete it

Not happy

I waited for today's show then it said technical difficulties. Next thing I know the screen says next show tomorrow at 3 pm. I thought there was supposed to be a 9 pm show too.

Mostly fun

Except for the occasional glitches and the endless repetition of the rules, it’s great fun.

When you cancel

I don’t appreciate it when this happens, cancelling a game. I waited patiently and was on time. This happens a lot. But God forbid if a player is late. Not worth $3.25. I just join the game randomly now cuz it isn’t worth the time. I will play when my schedule meets yours from now on. Ticked off.

Glitch City!

I just joined 2 days ago...3 out of the 4 games I joined all had glitches..technical difficulties

Fun Game but too many glitches

This is a really unique concept. It’s like competing in a TV game show from your phone with the chance to win real money. But every week there seems to be a technical problem. They need to get the kinks worked out so they can stay relevant .


When you download this app, beware of the glitches. There are constantly glitches throughout the game that may kick you out. It’s ridiculous and it happens every game! Some days you can’t play because of technical difficulties. I’m tired of it and it needs fixed.


Funny, this app works fine until the actual quiz, then it “glitches”, and will pause during the question session, and thus eliminate you when you CANT answer! It does this at least 70% of the time. Horrible reliability. If this was a product and not an app, they’d be out of business long ago

Too many tech difficulties

Also last nights question had two presidents with initials for middle names!!! What’s going on here???

Technical difficulties

Too many technical difficulties and time wasted playing in which resulted in me just having to come back again to play. There should be a way in which you can have trial runs before each game to insure your system is working so people don’t waste their time joining up on multiple occasions to play only to not play or have to come back again and a later time.

Not a fan

There is always technical difficulties! A game could start and all of a sudden it freezes and you can’t continue in the way! Very frustrating!

Great but has been messing up for 3 days in a row

It took away my two extra lives I was really mad

Technical difficulties galore

Another day another fail for HQ


I’m extremely disappointed in this app! I just downloaded this app yesterday and was happy at first but today was a different story. Technical difficulties are understandable but by the sound of the chat this isn’t something uncommon! Please fix this problem

Too many problems lately...

Technical difficulties which causes me to lose extra lives for the game.

R u kidding?!

The game is fun – but when it comes time to answer the question you don’t give us enough time. Hope you work on that. And also some of the questions you ask nobody would know the answers 😳😠🤯 HQ - PLEASE WORK ON ALL THE TROUBLES WITH THE GAME TURNING OFF OR NOT WORKING AT ALL.

Glitches bad

It’s always glitching and I hate it I wait for it all day and then it doesn’t work

Very buggy, but free

A lot of glitches with their software, but it’s a big challenge broadcasting to 1 million people simultaneously, still if you’re going to have a business model like this you have to make the IT work, these people need to get it together

1 Star

Too many technical difficulties which stops the game and then the screen says : No Winners! And the game is over. I don’t recomend this game


Too many glitches.

Get your life together

Super glitchy. Technical difficulties three days in a row? Come on

Too many issues

It’s a fun game when it works but it glitches a lot , it runs late and will tell you it’s time for a game and then not play. Can’t wait all day. Play when you say you’re going to play !

HQ trivia

Too many technical issues. Get kicked off the site too much. Not worth the trouble

Harry Bell

What a joke

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