HQ - Live Trivia Game Show App Reviews

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I 💜 this game!

This game is awesome!!!!! My only complaint is I invited people and never got my free life and I got. Outfield that hey signed up. My husband also tweeted and never got his free life.

It’s okay..

This app is pretty fun I love trying to play it everyday.. but I either get notifications late, the game glitches/lags and I get eliminated also to many winners..

Used to love this game BUT...

It almost makes you question how much of a scam this is. The game was fun at first, but lately all that happens is the question options never show up, or stop showing up halfway through, or the game will freeze, or some other bogus thing to keep you from the game for no reason, so just makes you wonder how “legit” it is. You pretty much have 0 chance of winning anything- if there was anything to win in the first place.

Fun but A Couple Complaints

The game is very enjoyable overall, I think it’s nice that you’re playing for real cash. However, I have a couple ideas to make it better. My biggest suggestion is that you can change your answer while the timer is still going. I’ve done it a couple times now where I accidentally tap the wrong one. Most game shows allow you to change your answer before locking it in, and since it’s on a timer, you already have pressure to answer fast. Basically, once the timer starts, you can change your answer if you want but then when it runs out, your answer locks. I also think the game is very difficult. However, I’m not saying that in a bad way. I think eventually people will get tired of losing every time and give up, so I would suggest either making a few more winners by slightly easier questions, or if you’re able, increase the prize. Overall though it is a lot of fun. The celebrity hosts are always fun so the more of those you can do, the better.


This is such a fun App, and the fact that you can win real money is genius!! I have been playing for a week and I can’t stop telling people about it. I hope I get to make it to the end at some point

Can’t log in

I am excited to see what this app has to offer, but I can’t seem to get into my account. I’ve never made one before, and my first login attempt said that my account already exists. Help!?


Super fun game!! Great job guys!!


I look forward to playing every day!! It’s so much fun!!!


I love my trivia time! Great game.


Love this game and enjoy Scott’s delivery

Notifications don’t work

I have notifications enabled, but I don’t get them. I get them for other apps, but HQ drops the ball.

Love this game

Great game wait every night to play

Great Game-Really Fun-Scott’s the best!

Really fun!

App forcibly played audio when I was setting up the app and my phone was on silent mode. NOT COOL.

This app forcibly played audio when I was setting up the app and my phone was on silent mode. NOT COOL. I actually turned my phone to see if I was in Silent mode like I thought I was (I was). There was no way for me to shut your annoying host up while he went on about turning on notifications, except by smashing the volume down toggle. If my phone is on silent, I expect it to always be on silent or let me know there’s an audio option available, like YouTube, ESPECIALLY when the “video” I got added zero value to the experience. Actually, I was keen to join my friends, but I’m deleting the app without a single round of participation because of your user-unfriendly practice. So this is now a negative value experience for me. Thanks for wasting 10 minutes of my day because you think it’s okay to not only be obnoxious, but to be obnoxious to no helpful end.

Thurgood Marshall question

You spelled Thurgood Marshall’s name wrong in your question!! None of the answers were right!!


Not ready for prime time.

Awesome game!

It’s awesome my siblings play everyday! And when we don’t usually talk to each other everyday this game allows us to! The only thing is that the game freezes a lot and causes u to not be able to play bc of the delay! Other than tht it’s great!!

4 Star

There are so many bots now that whenever you play the reward is only like 50 cents-8 dollars The stakes are not nearly as high, either try to remove bots or make stakes higher

Its fun


Too many winners

I love the game, and I understand the goal of having so many winners...so that people feel like they actually have a chance to win. But, with as many winners as they allow, each player gets only around $5 which at the same time makes me not want to play. I feel like they need to ask more questions to eliminate more players, or somehow implement a strategy to eliminate more players.


The food question about a diet was always described as the food pyramid. Never heard about a food circle. Are you guys making up facts . Disturbed player !!!

Bad business model

I frequently get to question 9 or 10 and I won once. But HQ relies on getting more people to play the game so they can sell advertising. If they can’t do that, they will ultimately run out of cash or need more investment. When they throw a trick question early in the game (like the food pyramid vs food circle) it turns a lot of users off. Save the trick questions for later. The business will continue to hemorrhage users who are tired of not winning and will turn off new users after 10-20 plays.

Sooo gay

This app has impossible questions so stupid don’t download

Doesn’t work all the time

I hit right answer multiple times and it still didn’t read it sometimes


The app doesn’t work 90% of the time because as soon as the game start there’s a delay and it the timer runs out with out being able to click on an answer. Until it’s fix don’t even bother playing this


Won’t let me download the app. The iCloud button that says downloaded is on but it won’t let me click on it to open the actual app on App Store.

Lots of fun

HQ is a blast. Download it now and join the fun.


I love this app


It’s such a great game! I’m addicted. I have yet to win but I’m not loosing faith!!

Fun trivia

Really fun and a lot of guessing

Cheated me....

Made it to question #9 today and then it never showed me the question as she was asking it.... just a continuous video of her and nothing to click!!!! 🤬.

Game is fun. Racist comments are not

I enjoy the game. But I dislike the use of “Savage Question” because it’s very offensive toward the Native American Community.

Updates. Still disconnects every game

5 questions in and boom game over reconnecting


This has me on the edge of my seat all of the time.. keeps my mind sharp and always inquiring. It a totally new way of thinking... and yes that’s why you are going to be there..

Hq trivia

I always lose and never win money I don’t like that you can only play at 200 and 800

ily scott

I have been playing hq since the beginning of november 2017 and it has been so fun to not only play the game but watch the app evolve. To those of you complaining about lag, i rarely experience so much lag that i miss a question or get eliminated so i would check your wifi and cell carrier because my entire family has rarely experienced any serious lag. also.. how can anyone hate scott!!!?

More ways to receive prize

This is a very cool concept, my main complaint is that there should be different ways of Receiving the prize money other then pay pal because not everyone has pay pal and it can also be very unreliable

Best game ever

I love this game.

HQ...super fun

My family and friends have a great time playing this game! I learn something daily!


I have contacted HQ via their help link in the app multiple times regarding my account, my winnings, and other very important issues. I have yet to receive a response in 2 weeks, I have emailed 5 times, and they don’t even bother to read them. So maybe they’ll read this... HQ is a piece of crap, they waste your time, and scam you until they’re done with you and then they ghost you until you eventually give up and go away.

Errors with gameplay

I’ve had this app on two phones, different types, and on each phone the questions failed to load. I would sit next to others and see the questions come up and be entirely unable to play. Very annoying


I can’t remember the last time I was able to play without the app crashing on me.

Addictive Fun

Benn playing about a month; won a little money having a great time, looking forward to more wins!


Love this game!

Get right answers but they eliminate you

It’s happened a couple times now I answer the right answer and I get eliminated. Kinda dumb they just eliminate people cause they choose too. Would rate under one star if I could


This game is so fun because It testes me

Host talks too much

This is a cool idea, but the host/hostess talks too much before the game starts. I’ll start a game, then get distracted with something else because the host is talking about nothing, and then miss the first question because I wasn’t paying attention. It’s happened 3 times now.


While the likelihood of me answering all 12 questions correctly is slim, I enjoy the thrill of the live event and competing with others around the world! I learn something new each time!


The more I read and the more I play and the more I get eliminated after giving correct answers, you cannot convince me that insiders and bots are not winning the supposed payouts. Deleted, and reported to the FTC as a scam, as it is my right to do. I hope the FTC has the courage to investigate and dismantle your scam business.


I have played the game and picked the right answer and was eliminated. Today on the malware question, I had the right answer snd was eliminated and this is not the first time this has happened.

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