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Great Concept; Always Glitches

Without fail the answer selections glitches/don’t appear and I get booted from the game. Was looking forward to the 100k game and didn’t even get to answer question 1...


Soooooo annoying

Took away my extra life

So they gave everyone an extra life a few days ago, and I was happy. So tonight, they did a Disney trivia. A question stumped me, and I got out. Then, I looked on the home and it said I had no extra lives.

Glitchy app

Fun time waster when it works. Just lost extra life when having to log back in with verification code. Whatever.


There are too many glitches during the game which seem to happen during the time that a question is being given so that I have time to even answer a question. With the latest game it happened 5 times. I have noticed in the comments feed that others have the same problem.

Verification code system does not work

I type in correct verification code and after clicking next it says “please try again soon.” No help number to call to solve this issue

Deleting this app after one glitch too many

Everyone that talks about unfair glitching is right. A game isn’t fun if you get thrown out for no reason just because the app malfunctions, or have a different answer entered than the one you actually chose. Especially when winning money is supposed to be at stake. Frustrating, annoying, and scammy. Deleting after 6+ months.

Tried but failed

It started out being good but steadily declined to an all time low when I deleted app because it kept saying I lost because of my WiFi connection when I am connected to a very strong WiFi network.

Sure...if you have nothing else to do in life...

Great fun...til it buffers...then it’s a great waste of time! Let me know when you fix it and I may be back.


Needs a really strong connection i get kicked off even after i completed correct answer during trivia. Super frustrating!

They got too big too fast- game doesn’t work

I was trying to sign in and my user code that was sent to me didn’t work twice. Then I joined as a guest and it eliminated me after answering the question correctly.

Connection error

The game has had a rough time staying connected lately.


They try and hustle you and make sure you Don’t win. Fraud

HQ Too Much Talk Tricia

The game is fun but the hosts talk way too much about stupid stuff


I like it, but your hosts should limit the singing. But last night a question was asked (I heard it) but the written Q and answers never appeared. Why is that?

I ❤️💜💞🧡💓💛💗💚💖💙💕💘 HQ

This game is the best. I play it when ever I can. The only thing is I think that the person who hosts talks to much and I think they should talk less. Otherwise I love it! 😍

Forced use of Extra Lives


Landscape mode on iPad!!!

Is the only thing keeping me from a 5 star rating. Otherwise this app is great (except for the occasional glitches)

Chatty hosts

Hosts waste too much time talking, especially before starting the quiz. Much of the talk is pure silliness.


Game tonight wouldn’t people answer question 3 but game continued when people were complaining about it . Why ?


Nothing worse than getting bumped in the middle of HQ because the answers DON’T appear ... therefore cuties can’t participate!!

Needs a lot of work!

Fun when it doesn’t glitch and take your free lives or not even let you answer the question.


It is an interactive show. You failed at that today.

It’s a lie

This app glitches and keeps players for answering the question

9-19-18 game

First question glitched not showing until time was up. Not the only one with problem. Video didn’t pause so not my cell service. WTH?


I updated my app and the game is more glitchy than ever. Kicks you out randomly or doesn’t show the questions. Was a cool game.

Question on screen

This evening I wasn’t even able to answer the first question. I think I’m DONE with you!!!


They’re always saying to go leave a tweet and a shout out with your name and all that and your referral code and this and that. I’ve been doing this over a year and I’ve yet to even win a penny. LOL! Now, they’re got where you can buy lives I did it once to see and so nothing yet still. I’m kind of Leary on the larger amount GAMES. Because, it seems every time there’s a big pot of money. For some reason it seems that there are so many people in the chat TYPING STOP! Glitches , Frooze! ( on HQ error”) I have even experienced this on many occasions. I’ve hit the *right answer* within the *right time* and it still shows that I didn’t hit you the answer in time or something when I did it like as soon as they put it on screen. This past Sunday was $100,000 to **one person** took 28 questions well about on Q2 and Q3 TONS!!! Of people were typing saying stop, and even screen shot and posted on HQ Twitter. I personally DON’T think ANYONE IS WATCHING LIVE CHAT! I think they just go off of whatever they pick from their *Twitter* account who wants shout out to this and that I for one actually let them know shout outs on their Twitter on an exact time game or whatever and they never have. I don’t know what’s up.? but, this is just kind of weird and then the guy who won this Sunday’s 100 K he didn’t even have an avatar then a POST of Scott on the phone with some guy named Brian supposedly... But, if you paid attention to the conversation at the beginning... y’all make you’re own judgement on that. Then this “BRIAN” which was weird because he canceled that account because it said that account was temporarily out due to possible false information blah blah. Then he made a new one with I guess it was his picture but the first one after people are catching on to that it look like a background setting of an office. Large corner in blue. Something was off about that. It in MY OPINION felt like a lie! And They tried to cover it up afterwards not thinking I guess. It just the whole thing Connor was weird and I’m sure I’ve could speak for a lot of people that play every day in or when they can but that’s just my Pinyan if there is more solid on these game tonight make sure their servers could handle that many people before they have those kind of games that have that many players you know that’s just not right to the other players that are getting kicked out by their own company trying to win money and they keep saying bring for people and we can’t bring more people in and does she fit sure your end of the deal that’s a little bowls down to just be honest sponsorship the no thing I heard. That you know target was a sponsor for that so in the past large amount ones was also sponsorship by different things in the more viewers the more sponsorships how it goes I’ve been on this boat before so just keep that in mind and now for the better part though you don’t play any money you win it supposedly and it could just be a few cents to be a lot of her 100 could be whatever depends on the amount of people in the game in them out of the prize and if they have to split it all hundred or 1300 Ways whatever.


Why would it notify me at 3 am to play! I’m asleep! Dah! Can never play!


I think the game is fun, there are too many technical issues, Scott needs to go as I find him annoying, disrespectful, and slow moving. The women hostesses are great!!!




My son and I play this regularly and I am happy to now be included amongst the winners after many attempts! Payout was fast & easy! Hosts rotate and they have specialty quizzes sprinkled in often. Does have the occasional glitch. Highly recommended!


Rlly cool

Show respect start on time. Glitchy

We really enjoy the game but START on time show RESPECT for those who bothered to come on time; commentators waste 5-7 minutes at the start of the games. When ever they have a large $$ money prize; game is very glitchy. Have been playing since last year.

Freezes all the time

How can you play when your screen is frozen? And it steals your free life? This game is so irritating!


Even with the current update I still keep getting kicked from the game even though I answered correctly. Customer Service rarely get back to you when reporting problems.

Not sure

Great idea, but couldn’t finish profile to start game; every name I entered said it was already in use!


Besides all of that questionable ethics surrounding this app (do a general Google search on the company), I believe they are also using your personal information. Since downloading the app, I have received over triple the amount of automated sales calls. I can only say that they are using my personal information to sell for profit! Also, it is impossible to delete your account! Don’t put yourself through it, just don’t download it.

Bird Nest Soup



Don’t do it!! They ask questions you choose correct answer they choose wrong answer, so fixed. Glitches all the time cutting people off, they have their winner before it even starts. Make money on you buying extra lives for money you will never win!


I love HQ so much it's soo fun and I can play it without gambling and without trouble and with a possibility for MONEY!!! I even get more knowledge in the world around me because of HQ!!! Trust me, play HQ. You WON'T regret it😊😊🙂🙂🤑🤑🤑💰💰

Super fun quizzos

Love HQ trivia! If you like challenging questions, and like money it’s a no-brainer! I think there are probably some bots in play, but pretty sure they eventually get weeded out. I have yet to win...but it sure helps when you go play live trivia 🤓


It is a great game of trivia

Don’t get displayed amount

You get kicked out even if you get answers right. And you won’t get another chance unless well over half of them other players get booted as well. Not that great of a game.

Thanks for nothin?

Was playing the game on Emmy night just now. $100,000 1 winner takes all. Was unceremoniously kicked out after question 21 for “violating rules of the game.” What rule? Don't actually win if you’re a human being who knows too much about tv? Forget you, HQ. Not saying I would have won but dang - would have been nice to have a fair shot.

Complete Racket

This game is terrible. I was conned into buying an extra life tonight to play the game advertised as the “biggest payout ever.” Upon opening the app to play, I was prompted with an advertisement and rushed to buy and extra life in order to make the “cut off” to join the game. Upon buying the advertisement that was pushed to me as a player logging in to play the game, the app froze and locked me out so I could not play at all. HQ baits people into buying extra lives and then manipulates and rigs the system. I was induced to buy an extra life tonight and was robbed. At first I thought this app was fun, but now I will never recommend this con job to anyone.

Won't let me write negative review!

Game fades in and out and in the past few games it has terminated my connection. Have complained to no response. Have lost extra lives and also denied the ability to participate. Unjust!

Gitchly and suspiciously rigged

I’ve play many times and I always have seen people deal with glitches on it , well tonight was a game for 100,000.00 I spent 3 dollars on an extra life which is suppose to be applied when you answer a question wrong Automatically. But guess what the game didn’t do yep it didn’t apply the life and so I was kicked from the game. What a bunch of BS, it’s not fair for that stuff to happen and it happened to half the people that play for game.


You get kicked out while playing

Why can they never start on time?

Hosts are annoying and every game they send a notification that it’s ‘about to start’... but then there’s another 10 min. delay before any questions 🙄 not worth waiting around for it

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